The Slow Morning Sunrise – By Alex Fullam and Wyatt

I just published a new song on YouTube. But what’s different about this video is that it was created by me and my friend, Wyatt. It’s the first time I’ve ever created a song with someone else.

Wyatt started out by sending me a strumming pattern he created on the guitar. He told me that I can accompany the guitar with piano.

I listened to the music a few times and then clicked the record button on my piano. I played along with the song. Since the record button doesn’t record with a microphone, the recordings have better quality and don’t get any background noise. So I just played along with the guitar track. Then, I put them together in GarageBand, which is an application that Apple devices can get for free.

I had to line up the two so they were in time. When I finished I asked Wyatt if it was good and we made a few tweaks to the individual volumes of the instruments. Finally it was time to come up with a song name, album name, and album picture.

Wyatt said that it would be best to add the song to an album that has songs I created with other artists. We decided to call the album/playlist “Artist Showcases: By Alex Fullam and Other Artists.”

Using the app I use to make album images, I took one of the photos I took and put it behind the letters.

View the photography page to see the image. It’s an image that is a sunset with a completely orange sky.

Next we wanted to come up with a name. Wyatt suggested that it should be some kind of sunset or sunrise type of name. We started coming up with words that could go well with the song, and we came up with “Slow Morning Sunrise.”

From now on, most of the songs I create with other people will go in the Artist Showcases album (the album with the sunset).

Listen to the song and tell me what you think of it in the comments below or in the comment section on the YouTube video.

Here’s the song!


3 thoughts on “The Slow Morning Sunrise – By Alex Fullam and Wyatt

  1. Love it ! It’s great to see you are working with other artists and you are mastering the technology.
    Love it.


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