My first album, “Rebuilt,” is released to all major music stareaming services. Currently, some streaming services are still processing the release (like Spotify). They will take about 5 more days to complete.

Consisting of 9 tracks, it’s a contemporary “new age classical” piano album.

Distribution: The piano tracks range from about 2 to 5 minutes in length. No physical distribution will be sold (CDs) for this release. It will be released, worldwide, to all major streaming services (and partners of them) like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. [View list of MAJOR streaming services]

Genres: New Age, Neo Classical, Contemporary Instrumental, Piano

Lots of the tracks are named by others, since it’s always nice to get someone else’s view/feelings on a song. For instance, the title track, “Rebuilt,” was named by my piano teacher.

Current state of release: Released to most distributions. Some are still processing my submission.