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  1. We’ve had it playing all morning. It’s pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks for brightening my day. Love it. ❤️

  2. Nice Alex. This is a perky,entertaining number. You are my favorite musician ! Sent from my iPhone >

  3. Love the melody! Great choice Alex, and as usual your playing was flawless. Like Poppy, I watch your hands as…

  4. Yet another beautiful piece, Alex you are so talented! I love listening to you play, and always want to hear…

  5. Hi Alex, INCREDIBLE! You are a special talent. And the whole video is so professional – the videography included!!

  6. Alex, this was very interesting and informative for me. You are a very bright boy and you are always interested…

  7. Last comment was Nanny’s ! Lol. I loved the fall scene too but also the lighthouse! The lighthouse picture have…

  8. Another interesting piece of work. I enjoy your explanations on each one. My favorite is the city scene. I like…


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