My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

I recently went on a vacation to Ocean City, in Maryland. We went to the Princess Royale Hotel, which is a cool hotel with a big room with glass around it with an indoor pool. Here's a picture of it: Source: It took around four hours to drive to Ocean City, because we had … Continue reading My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

PHOTOGRAPHY, Episode 1 (Some of my photos)

I combined video editing and photography by making a video with some of my photos in it. Here it is:

Photography – Some cool pictures

Now I'm into photography! While at some of my brother's baseball games, I took some pictures. I use a photo editing app called Fotor Photo Editor. I took all these photos. It helps me make my pictures look better. First, I'll show you them. Then, I'll talk to you about some of them. I have … Continue reading Photography – Some cool pictures