My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

I recently went on a vacation to Ocean City, in Maryland. We went to the Princess Royale Hotel, which is a cool hotel with a big room with glass around it with an indoor pool. Here's a picture of it: Source: It took around four hours to drive to Ocean City, because we had … Continue reading My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

A Birthday Bike Ride

On March 31, 2020, it was my birthday. But on that day, I went for a 10.5 mile bike ride with my brother Derek and my Dad. Like in my previous post called A Bike Ride With My Dad, we planned for the bike ride to be shorter than it actually turned out to be. … Continue reading A Birthday Bike Ride

A Bike Ride with My Dad

Today was a rainy day. And guess what my dad and I did? We went for a bike ride! Before This Before this, my dad wanted a bike. So he ordered one online. So then my mom and my brother, Derek, had one ordered too. I already had a bike. The day when they said … Continue reading A Bike Ride with My Dad

First Post – My Experience of Eating Indian Food for the First time!

On 2/23/20, my dad and I went to a restaurant for lunch called the Clay Oven. It's an Indian restaurant. It was the first time I've eaten Indian food in my life! The food was good.