My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

I recently went on a vacation to Ocean City, in Maryland. We went to the Princess Royale Hotel, which is a cool hotel with a big room with glass around it with an indoor pool. Here's a picture of it: Source: It took around four hours to drive to Ocean City, because we had … Continue reading My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

Dominoes – Mexican Train

What do you think of when you think of dominoes? Some people think of when you line all the dominoes up and knock one down, making them all fall one by one. Others think of the many games you can play with dominoes.

Recently, I got out my dominoes to make a line of dominoes and knock them all down. I was aware that there are games that you can play with dominoes, but I never really got into doing it. But suddenly, I was curious and I grabbed the directions sheet. I read the first game: Mexican Train. I had suddenly become interested in playing domino games.

Beginning Python

A few years ago, I got a book about how to program using Python. I tried it, and then, for some reason, I just stopped eventually. Then, I tried it again but the computer I had then didn't have the 'up to date' version of Python. It didn't have a certain feature I needed. So … Continue reading Beginning Python

A Few New Interests

Recently, I got a package in the mail from my uncle, one of the vice-chancellors of The Bear Defense Team. The Bear Defense Team is what the members of my family that go camping annually call ourselves. My Dad is currently the chancellor, and two of my uncles are vice-chancellors.

Inside the package was a letter from the bear defense team, three books, rope, and a BDT (Bear Defense Team) issued sheath-knife.

Garden – Day: 2

Hello! Sorry if it's been a long time since I've posted a garden post, or any posts at all, but this post is about the second day of my family's garden. Please view my other garden post before this one if you haven't yet. The first one about the garden was the first day of … Continue reading Garden – Day: 2

Garden – Day: 1

When: April 5, 2020 On this day, my family went outside. My dad, my brother Derek, and I went out to start building the garden. Before I went out, I helped plant the starter plants indoors, so that when they grow we could put them outside. When I went outside, my dad was already raking … Continue reading Garden – Day: 1

A Birthday Bike Ride

On March 31, 2020, it was my birthday. But on that day, I went for a 10.5 mile bike ride with my brother Derek and my Dad. Like in my previous post called A Bike Ride With My Dad, we planned for the bike ride to be shorter than it actually turned out to be. … Continue reading A Birthday Bike Ride

A Bike Ride with My Dad

Today was a rainy day. And guess what my dad and I did? We went for a bike ride! Before This Before this, my dad wanted a bike. So he ordered one online. So then my mom and my brother, Derek, had one ordered too. I already had a bike. The day when they said … Continue reading A Bike Ride with My Dad

The Coronavirus and What Comes With It

We were having to have school at home for a week now, and Covid-19 isn't getting any better. I know that the situation will change a lot of things. The world has bought the coronavirus, not looking at the package, not looking at what comes with it. Even though I'm still having school, it is … Continue reading The Coronavirus and What Comes With It

First Post – My Experience of Eating Indian Food for the First time!

On 2/23/20, my dad and I went to a restaurant for lunch called the Clay Oven. It's an Indian restaurant. It was the first time I've eaten Indian food in my life! The food was good.