Sonatina Improvisation

Hello everyone, I just posted a video on YouTube of a Piano Sonatina Improvisation. It’s 10-minute piano sonatina, but I never rehearsed it. Instead, I came up with the song as I played it (improvisation).

What defines a sonatina usually consists of two aspects:

1. Style – this style comes from the classical period. Most sonatinas from the classical period don’t have as much emotional intensity as the type of music I typically write (I am a modern-classical/contemporary composer). Instead, the emotional extremes are tamped down from simply “happy” or “playful” to “a bit sad” or “a bit mad,” which doesn’t really feed into your emotions like modern classical music does. The style sometimes includes an abundance of staccato, or separated, notes. Of course, it can also include the flowing legato phrases like contemporary music. The beginning of my video showcases the former, but the latter still shows up in the video at a few points.

2. It has 3 movements (not always, but a “full sonatina” would have this many).

I was able to mimic this style of music because of my Sonatina Album sheet music book.

Below is the video. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Sonatina Improvisation

  1. Very different from your other compositions, I like it! You described it perfectly. It’s wonderful how you like to explore different styles. Thanks
    For sharing, I always enjoy listening to your music!!!!

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  2. I really enjoyed your improv piece. It is amazing how well you can create something beautiful on the spot. Bravo!


  3. Alex, are you able to recreate your work…that is, can you play the same piece again without written music? I may be ignorant, but do you have a mechanism that records the music in written form so you can replay it? I hope you do because I would hope you would be able to play such a great piece again!


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