Peaceful Piano, Vol. 1


Peaceful Piano, Vol. 1

Hey everyone, I’m releasing a new album, called “Peaceful Piano, Vol. 1.” It consists of 12 tracks, in a slightly different style than I usually compose in: Peaceful Piano. View the bottom of this page for a sneak peak at my album.

The album will be released on May 1, 2023, to all streaming services.

Click here for a shortened list of the major streaming services my music is distributed to. Provided on that page are a few links to my artist profile on some of those platforms.

Like usual, the song names are created by people I know. This is so I can get different perspectives on my songs and how other people hear them.

In about 1 week, I will provide a link to pre-save my song on Spotify (save the song so you can hear it right when it’s released).

What is Peaceful Piano?

Peaceful Piano music is simpler than my typical compositions, it is calming (or peaceful, as stated in the name of the genre) as well. If you listen closely to peaceful piano music, you will notice that it has a very close microphone sound, and sometimes even includes background noise, like the mechanics of the piano (this is usually unwanted in most styles of piano music, especially pop & classical). All of these elements, of course, depend on the composer.

I also made a sneak-peak video for my album. This means that the video will show short segments of each song so you can get a “sneak peak” of it.

If you’ve heard my first album, Rebuilt, you will notice that there is a song in this new album called “Wind – Peaceful Piano Version.” This is a second version of my composition “Wind” that is replayed and remastered into the Peaceful Piano style. There are also 2 other songs, namely “Time – Peaceful Piano Version” and “Sunset – Peaceful Piano Version.” The non-peaceful piano versions have not been released yet, but will be in the future once the tracks are fully mastered.

Below is the sneak peak video.


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