Looking Back by Alex Fullam

I just released my new piano solo, “Looking Back.” As always, I did not create the song name. This time, it was my mom. It was named “Looking Back” due to the happy-nostalgic feeling the song can give you.

Below is a video of the song. (Officially released on March 31, 2023)


3 thoughts on “Looking Back by Alex Fullam

  1. Beautiful Alex! Different from your previous compositions, I agree about that happy nostalgic feel. Perfect title. So enjoyed watching you play as always!


  2. What a beautiful piece. Your mom has great name idea sense! I don’t ever remember seeing you use that “fluttering” technique before. but I am old so my memory is not always perfect!


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I sometimes use trills (the “fluttering”) in my compositions, but this was the first time I used them a lot. Again, gald you liked it!


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