My First Album

I just finished professionally recording my 9 best piano compositions. I mixed, mastered, and exported them to audio files and have grouped them into an album. Then, I distributed them all to the hundreds of major music streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, which is something I have always wanted to do. [Click here for a list of streaming services]

The album is called, “Rebuilt,” which was named by my piano teacher. Most of the songs are named by people other than me, so I can get different points of view on how people view my music, and what feelings it can give to certain people.

I’ve always wanted to record my piano songs and put them on Spotify, but I never knew how to record professionally. It was also a challenge to not mess up, because it gets in your head when you know you’re being recorded. Now, it’s clear that I have figured all that out, seeing that I have my first album distributed.

You can find my music on pretty much any music streaming platform. Just search “Alex Fullam” or my album title “Rebuilt” on any streaming service and you’ll find me. I also have some of my artist pages from other streaming services linked on my streaming services page.

Here’s a link to my Spotify page if you’d like to follow me or have a listen:

I hope you enjoy my first album!


One thought on “My First Album

  1. We’ve had it playing all morning. It’s
    pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks for brightening my day. Love it. ❤️


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