Mountains and Lakes Scene Low Poly – Check out What I Just Made | Blender Graphic Design

Yesterday I posted my 3D Isometric Bedroom and talked a bit about it. Today, my graphic design project was to create a low-poly mountain scene.

Specifically, I wanted to make it in such a way that there was a lake or river surrounding the central/main island, with some background mountains too.

This one came out nicely:

Low-poly mountain scene

I worked a lot on getting the lighting right and making sure it actually looked like a sunset in its prime. At the end, I felt like it needed an interesting touch, so I added some clouds and it made it look better.

I also focused a lot on placing the landscape colors in the right spots. For example, I wanted there to be a lot of rocky landscape near the edges of the terrain, which usually appears in a mountainous biome, unlike a beach. So arround the main mountain island, I added the ring of rock color.

Another thing I focused a lot on was the background mountains. I tried not to add too much detail to the background so it wouldn’t distract the viewer’s eyes. On flatter sections of land, I added grass, and on the steep or rocky sections of land, I added rock.

One of the last things, but one of the most important things, was the sun setting. It may not seem as important, but without it, it would look more bland. You can see the sun’s light blooming out, which adds to the overall look of the scene.

Thanks for reading this post! If you liked my scene, feel free to leave a comment down below!


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