How to Add Spaces / Separators to the Bookmarks Tool Bar in Chrome

If you’ve ever wanted to add separators to your bookmarks toolbar so you can group your bookmarks in Chrome, you may have realized that it doesn’t support that. In this article, I will show you how to add separators to your bookmarks bar in almost any web browser. It will look something like this:

I will also show you how to add separators that have a vertical line like this:

This is like Firefox’s “add separator” feature, which does the same thing. Since Chrome doesn’t support that, we will be “emulating” Firefox’s feature.

This will work with almost any web browser.

Add a Blank Separator

To add a blank separator, click here. The link is to a website I created.

It looks like this:

All you have to do is drag the text that says “ME” into the spot you want it in your bookmarks bar. For the very first time you use my site, the separator might appear something like the following image:

If that’s what shows up for you, click on it and it should turn into the blank separator. You can keep dragging it to your bookmarks bar until you have as many as you need. Drag them in between your bookmarks until you have grouped the bookmarks the way you like them. Of course, you can delete the separators by right-clicking on one and choosing the “delete” option.

Add a Vertical Separator

To add a vertical separator, click here.

When you get to the website, you may realize that it is very similar to the blank separator website. The only difference is that it adds a vertical separator. Drag the image that says “ME” into your bookmarks bar (and if it turns into the gray globe icon than click it again) as many times as you want.

Bonus: Separators in Folders

Now I will show you how to add separators inside your bookmark folders.

First of all, you can add a blank separator that looks like this:

Alternatively, you can add a horizontal separator that looks like this:

Both of these are really easy. First, click here. That link will bring you to the same website that makes the blank separators. All you have to do is put it in a folder. To add the horizontal separator, copy the following text:


Then, right-click on the blank separator you just created, click “Edit” and paste the text into the input box.



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