Make Gold, Silver, and Bronze – in EEVEE | Blender Tutorial [2.9]

Last week I posted an article about Blender and how to make quick and simple glass in EEVEE render engine. Now I will be showing you how to make a silver texture, as well as gold and bronze — but you only need to know how to make silver to be able to make gold and bronze, because all you really have to do is change the color of the silver to yellow (for gold) or brown (for bronze).

Here’s my video on how to do it.

Making Gold, Silver, and Bronze in EEVEE

The first step to making silver is to add your object. My test object, like usual, is the default monkey head that Blender gives you so you can test your shaders and skip the modeling part since you only want to do shaders and other things. Go to the Modifier Properties tab (blue wrench) and add subdivision surface (optional). I also added smooth shading.

Step 2: Create a new material and add the Glossy BSDF and set the Color value to whatever silver color you want. At the bottom of this article, I have a list of good Gold, Silver, and Bronze HEX values that you can use.

Step 3: If you go to rendered view, you will notice that your object doesn’t look like silver. That’s because silver needs something in front of it to reflect. To fix this, go to your World Properties and click the yellow dot. Select Environment Texture, click open, and choose an HDRI image to add as your background.

Now it looks like silver!

You can change the color to make it look like different types of metals. Here is a list of some good HEX values for Gold, Silver, and Bronze:


– FFDF00 (brighter gold)

– D4AF37 (metallic gold) * I recommend

– CFB53B (old-looking gold)

– 996515 (brown/dark gold)


– C0C0C0 (metallic silver) * I recommend

– D3D3D3 (lighter silver)

– A9A9A9 (dark silver)

– 808080 (very dark silver)


– cd7f32 (bronze) * I recommend

– 665D1E (old-looking bronze)


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