How to Make Simple Glass in Blender 2.9

This is the first time I have posted something about Blender on this website. So first, what is Blender? says that “Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.” Basically, Blender is a graphic design program mainly used for 3D animation. Some companies use Blender for their animated movies. One of Blender’s only competitors is called Maya, which costs around a thousand dollars a year. Luckly, most will agree that Blender is better than Maya, and that’s not only because Blender is free.

Anyway, I just posted a video on YouTube that was about how to make a glass material in Blender. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet about how to make glass in Blender, but some of them were just to advanced or were made in the Cycles render engine (a render engine is just the engine Blender uses to render animations/images), which made them not fit my needs. I needed an easy and quick tutorial on how to make glass in the eevee render engine.

The day after I finally figured out how to make glass, I recorded the video on how to do it.

Here’s my video on how to do it:

How to Make Glass in Blender

Step 1: Add your object and add any modifiers you would like to add. I have added Subdivision Surface on my monkey head.

Step 2: In the Material Properties tab, lower the specular so it’s at 0 or at least close to 0. Lower the roughness. The rougher the object, the foggier your glass will look.

Step 3: Set Transmission to 1.

Step 4: In the settings section in the Materials Tab, enable Screen Space Refraction.

Step 5: In the Render Properties tab, enable Screen Space Reflections and Refraction.o

Step 6: Go into Rendered View. You will notice that your object doesn’t look like glass. This is because for glass to look like glass, it has to have something behind it to shine through the glass. Otherwise, it looks like this:

Step 7: To fix the glass problem, you need to add a background. Go into the world settings tab, click the yellow dot, and select Environment Texture.

Step 8: Click “Open” and choose your image. I recommend using an HDRI image.

Congratulations! You have created glass. You can make it foggier by increasing the roughness, and you can change the color by changing the material color.


3 thoughts on “How to Make Simple Glass in Blender 2.9

  1. Holy crow, you are so smart!! I always wondered how that works but I still don’t fully understand it. It’s way over my head but I’m still curious.

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