The Copper Hat by Greg Maroney

Greg Maroney is my most favorite pianist by far. Once again, I learned a song written by him and uploaded it to YouTube. It is a song I found one day when I was listening to his songs, and I thought, “Wow, that sounds pretty cool!” So I found the sheet music at and learned the song.

This song has a pretty interesting name, and it has the same name as the album containing it. It is called “The Copper Hat.” The image for the album is interesting as well:

The Copper Hat sounds happy and positive throughout the entire duration of the song. Here’s the video of me playing it:

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Thanks for reading this post! Comment on what your favorite part was in the song!


2 thoughts on “The Copper Hat by Greg Maroney

  1. Love the melody! Great choice Alex, and as usual your playing was flawless. Like Poppy, I watch your hands as well, perfection. 💗


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