The Approaching Night – Philip Wesley

I found a cool song to learn on the piano called The Approaching Night, by Philip Wesley. It is from his album, Dark Night of the Soul.

The Original Composition

I tried to make my cover as similar to the original as possible (the video of me playing the song is at the end of this post).

How I Would Describe the Musical Layout

I will describe the musical layout, without the slight changes in each chorus or verse. The following might sound confusing if you aren’t familiar with these musical terms.

This song starts out by playing the first verse, but really high up on the musical scale. Then, it moves on to the chorus, still a few octaves higher.

Next, it plays the second verse and the chorus one octave lower than the previous.

The third verse is then played another octave lower, while the chorus’s octave doesn’t change. This will appear throughout the song, while the first two versions were only played just once in the beginning. A climax-like part is played followed by the verse-to-chorus. This repeats twice, with slightly different climax-like sections. Then, a completely different climax-like part of the song is played. After that comes the verse, then the chorus, and finally the verse once again to end the song.

My Piano Cover

Here is my recording of the song:

Sheet Music:…

Please leave a comment down below if you have any comments!


2 thoughts on “The Approaching Night – Philip Wesley

  1. Beautifullly entertaining and enjoyable you never cease to amaze me with your ever growing talent.


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