My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

I recently went on a vacation to Ocean City, in Maryland. We went to the Princess Royale Hotel, which is a cool hotel with a big room with glass around it with an indoor pool. Here’s a picture of it:


It took around four hours to drive to Ocean City, because we had to drive around the Delaware Bay.

Source: (edited image)

We went through many states to get there, including Delaware. Ocean City was like a big version of Wildwood Crest, New Jersey (a place similar to Ocean City that we used to go to every year).

While exploring the hotel with my brother, we found the arcade. From our experience it wasn’t that good of an arcade because the prizes were hard to get and sometimes didn’t even dispense after we won them. Later in that same day, we went to an arcade on the boardwalk and it was way better. You could earn tickets and exchange them for prizes at the end.

While we were on the boardwalk, we passed by the spot on the beach where the July 4th fireworks exploded days before, and we occasionally saw an extra one blow up as they were testing/figuring out why or how they blew up.

One day, we went to a miniature golf place called Nick’s Mini Golf.

I got a Hole-In-One!

In Ocean City (or at least the part of it that we went to), the beach was closer to the hotels than it was in Wildwood, New Jersey. So every day we went to the beach, we didn’t have to walk as far from the hotel as we did in Wildwood.

While we stayed at Ocean City, the waves near the ocean were pretty rough. A big wave would come, then suck a few yards of water back into the ocean with a rip current, and then shoot another big wave in place. That’s what made it fun for my brother and me. We liked riding the waves and letting them push us to the shore. For the rest of the trip, we went to the beach in the morning and I did this with my brother. At one point, a wave hit me so hard that I smashed my head on the ocean floor, but in the end I was fine.

One night, when the sun was setting, the sun reflected off of the water and made it look like the water was bright blue. I took a picture of it. Here it is:

Visit The Photography Page to see all my cool photos.

The entire trip was a great experience and I recommend going there.

3 thoughts on “My Experience at Ocean City, Maryland

  1. Alex, I loved your description of your family vacation. It sounds like you had a pretty good time. Only thing – I could not find a link to the pictures you referenced in your writing.

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  2. Your vacation sounded like so much fun! I am so happy you all had that time together. The waves sounded too rough for me 😂. The picture of the beach and sky is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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