Beginning Python

A few years ago, I got a book about how to program using Python. I tried it, and then, for some reason, I just stopped eventually. Then, I tried it again but the computer I had then didn’t have the ‘up to date’ version of Python. It didn’t have a certain feature I needed. So I had to stop. A few days ago, I randomly decided to do it again, and this is the best time around of learning Python — I have an amazing computer with enough space for the up to date Python, and I’m really into it.

If you don’t know what Python is, it’s a programming language. If you don’t know what a programming language is, it’s a computer language that lets programmers make applications and scripts. If you still don’t get it, take this as an example: any app was built using a programming language, like an app on your phone or computer.

Python Itself

The first thing to know in Python is the print command. It just makes the computer print out whatever you want it to say on the screen.

print("Hello World!")
Hello World!

In this example, the first line is you telling the computer to print out “Hello World!” and then the second line is what it did.

This is what it would look like on your computer:

I am so into it that in the first two days, I was able to make a simple game. It might have been because I tried Python before. Now, I have the book and an online course on Python.

When I get more advanced in Python, I want to make something cool, like an Alexa Skill, if you know what I mean. By Alexa, I’m talking about an Amazon Echo. If you have an Amazon Alexa but don’t know what a skill is, skills are separate functions your Echo has. These functions are created by other people. You say “open,” “launch,” or “activate” to open a skill. You have to know a name for one, though. So, they’re like apps. I’m thinking of making one.

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One thought on “Beginning Python

  1. Alex, this was very interesting and informative for me. You are a very bright boy and you are always interested in learning something new. I can’t wait to learn more.

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