Cool Drawings on Paper Pro

Thanks to my dad, I got interested in drawing on an iPad with the Paper Pro app. I use an Apple Pencil. With that app and that Apple Pencil, I drew some cool drawings. I couldn’t have drawn those drawings unless my dad got his iPad and Apple Pencil that he let me use.

Drawing #1: Fall Mountain Scene

I think that this drawing is my best drawing yet. I started out by drawing the sky. Then I drew the outlines of the mountains. I blended and smeared the colors to make it look better. Then I drew the stream. In the middle of making the trees, I made the rocks lining the edge of the stream. To make the trees, I drew trees with no leaves. Then I took the leaf color and added dots. I colored the grass and I was finished. I blended the clouds into the sky and smeared the water to make it look better.

Drawing #2: City Scene

Easy as it might look, it was a pretty challenging drawing. The first building I drew was the tan one (in the front and near the right side). I had to draw the precise windows to make it look best. See if you can find the two windows in that building that had flower boxes. Then I drew the orange one, and so on. For the orange one, I used some smearing for the windows. For the brown one, I did similar things. All the buildings have a unique style. The hardest building to make was the last one — the yellowish orange one because it was behind the building in a way that made it hard to draw the windows.

Drawing #3: The Northern Lights

This started out as an ocean scene. Then I made it night and drew the Northern Lights. The way I drew them in this picture was with the pencil option. I had to push down harder than usual to get it to show up. Then I smeared it slightly and added more colors. If you look closely, you can see green, purple, pink, blue, etc. Lastly, I drew the guy in the boat.

Drawing #4: Late-Fall Woods Night Scene

I drew this drawing based off of a painting I made when I was in my first school. I went to an after school painting activity, and we drew scenes with pathways/rivers going through the middle with trees.

Drawing #5: Lighthouse

I got the idea from the demo of the Paper Pro app. I started with the lighthouse, then drew the rocks, and then drew the background with the watercolor paint option. It involved smearing the colors on the lighthouse and then adding a shady side to everything.

Drawing #6: Bouncing Balls

This was the first drawing I made with Paper Pro that is on this page. I drew circles. Then, I added other colors that I then smeared. I decided that the ‘light source’ would be aat the top-right corner, so I added the light shining at the top of each ball.

Drawing #7: Simple Cloud

I drew this after I drew the bouncing balls (above). I added the cloud shape and smeared it. There isn’t much else to say as it is very simple.

Drawing #8: Jelly Monster

This drawing is the logo to the game “Jelly Defense.”

Drawing #9 and #10: GitLab Logos

These are two different versions of the logo to the company my dad is in — GitLab. The mostly orange one looked a bit too perfect to me. By that I mean if you were to look at it, you’d think it is just an image. So I wrote “GitLab” at the bottom to make it a bit less like an image and more like a drawing. The rainbow one is fine how it is, I think.

Drawing #11: Hot Chocolate/Coffee Cup

Drawing the classic hot chocolate or coffee cup is a good exercise in drawing for the light source style & element. You can see the shadow on the left side. The brighter side is on the left. That is where the light source is. If you want to do this with the classic paper and pencil, all you have to do is draw two vertical lines, then a circle at the top, then a slight curve at the bottom. Then, add your handle. The way to add the light source is to first think. Think about where the light source should be in your drawing. Then, go to the opposite side of the cup and start shading with your pencil. First start by shading it with lots of force; but as you keep going closer to the side with the light source, shade lighter and lighter. If you aren’t satisfied with your work, use your finger to smear it a bit.

Gallery Slideshow of my Artwork

Which drawing was your favorite? Do you like my drawings? Tell me in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “Cool Drawings on Paper Pro

  1. Another interesting piece of work. I enjoy your explanations on each one.
    My favorite is the city scene. I like the windows because they display a lot of character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Last comment was Nanny’s ! Lol. I loved the fall scene too but also the lighthouse! The lighthouse picture have very pretty colors.


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