One of My Best Piano Songs – Video

I composed a song on the piano a while ago and wrote it down on paper.

My brother Derek actually thought that I wasn’t the composer of the song until I told him!

This song is a minor song that didn’t take me very long to create, but it was hard to make it actually sound good. Composing is about an idea popping into your head about a song, and then you write it down.

Click here to hear my song:
Music has the power to make you feel a certain way or picture something in your head. Comment on this post and tell me how you felt! Do you like this song? Tell me about it! I like to get feedback about things like this.

4 thoughts on “One of My Best Piano Songs – Video

  1. I love it! You are so talented .
    It is also great to see you since we are in “stay at home”mode.
    I always enjoy watching you play piano. ❤️ Love, Poppy

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  2. I listened to your composition a second time but with my eyes closed. It brought an image of the wild birds that come to our feeders. Different songbirds coming and going and once in a while a larger bird or a squirrel scares them and they fly abruptly away only to return a short time later.

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  3. Bravo Alex!!! You always amaze me with your talent! Love the melody, beautiful…. I can see myself walking through a field of flowers. Liked the change of notes in the middle. Perfection! Oh, and I like your hair! 😘

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